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Ballet Black Pointe Shoe Appeal

We also have a Pointe Shoe appeal running. Our dancers go through a LOT of shoes in a season: pointe shoes, coloured shoes, Jazz shoes and even high heels! Can you help us keep our dancers on their toes by making a contribution to the Ballet Black Shoe Appeal?

  • £1000 will pay for one of our female artist’s pointe shoes for a whole season
  • £500 will pay for leather or canvas shoes for one of our male artist’s for a whole season
  • £40 will pay for one pair of pointe shoes for a female artist
  • £20 will pay for a pair of canvas shoes for a male or female artist
  • £10 will pay for ribbons, elastic and dyeing our shoes
Supporters include

Dance Medicine – Performance Physio & Oxford Circus Physiotherapy
Company PR – John Cotton, JCAPR
Makeup – MAC
Graphic Design – Rob Clarke Design


Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation
Richard Bolton MCSP MAPA
Performance Physio (R) (R)

For further information about supporting Ballet Black, please get in touch